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Authentic Learning

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This week i learned about Authentic Learning, ironically not very authentically. I think this is a very relevant and important aspect of successful classroom teaching, if a child is not enjoying learning or cannot see the point then it becomes harder t learn successfully. The 9 aspects of Authentic Learning were very interesting to me and I can see how they would make a more positive learning environment. I was reading an article by Steve Revington about Authentic learning and he makes a good point in saying that we have to be very careful to ensure that what we are teaching is in fact authentic. It is easy to mistake using real lie scenarios as examples of authentic learning but not use examples with connections to what is really happing in the world.


I really enjoyed this weeks lectures and readings as I could clearly see the way I could apply them to a classroom situation. I often find that although the content we learn is relevant and will be useful one day it is hard to see clearly how t will be applied. I hope that I will able to be an Authentic teacher as those were the teachers I remember from school, those lessons that I could engage in and really see the point of.

I started to explore the different kinds of website creating websites this week. I have never created a website before and have found it rather difficult. It has been a challenge to decipher some of the jargon used and get used to navigating around the pages. I had trouble using a blogging website as at first I tried weebly but then discovered it was a paid site. WordPress was a lot more complicated but I am slowly getting used to the layout.

I was able to help my partner edit his website which is also on WordPress. I had not understood how the website worked before but now I was able to contribute some ideas in a useful manner. I feel more confident making suggestions now that I have an understanding of WordPress. Think that I will be able to develop my website more after this unit is completed.


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