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This week I learnt about my digital footprint and the importance of having an online presence. I didn’t realise how important it is in todays society to have an online profile that matches my offline personality. I have thought about the effect an online profile can have on how people view you but as I don’t use social networking sites very much I didn’t realise the extent of it. Having an online profile that reflects both who you are and how you want to present yourself to the online world is very important in todays society, future employers, peers and colleagues will be able to see and judge you not only on whom you are in person but also on who you are online. As I was looking at articles about how your online profile can affect your future I found this on by Dr Phil How Your Online Profile Could Sabotage Your Future, I normally find some of the things Dr Phil says a bit dramatic but he does address a lot of the points I have mentioned, it was quite an interesting read. Learning about why it is important to be careful in what you post online tied in very well with my poster on protecting yourself online. I was able to solidify concepts with additional ideas from the lectures and develop a better understanding of the concept. Click HERE to see the poster.
I was a bit anxious about task 1 as I had never created a website or a blog before; I found that it took several attempts on different websites until I was confident enough to start on my website for task 1. At first the tools seemed confusing and it was hard to get exactly what I wanted but I was able to use the help function on Wix and also Google the problems to get the look I wanted.
I usually am not a very social person and prefer to work things out on my own before asking for help. However in the tutorial I was sitting next to a girl who was also having trouble with creating her website, we were both using Wix so we tried to work out a problem together. I actually found it quite helpful and probably worked out how to do it faster than I would have on my own.
I was actually able to show someone else how to create a blog this week. My Auntie went on a holiday to Bali and was creating a scrapbook to show to the rest of the family. I suggested the instead of printing out all the photos she could creating a blog. She found it difficult at first but after a couple of tries she got the hang of it. I think I also have a better understanding of how it works after teaching someone.



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