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Authentic Tasks

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This week I learned about authentic tasks. I find this subject really intersting and it seems more aplicable to actually teaching. I think that having authentic tasks in a classroon is essential to worthwhile learning. Without students being engaged in authentic learning they will not be able to apply what hey learn in the real world succesfully as well as not enjoying the taks as much. Of course there is a place and time for academic style tasks and these should not be overlooked but in many circumstances students will benifit from authentic tasks. An authentic task is one that has real world applications and that allows students to explore ideas, solve applicable problems and think about how it relates to other situations. This differs from acedemic tasks which are genreally book learning with set problems and solutions that do not allow for alot of creativity. I think in a classroom it is very important to have students engaged in tasks that are both enjoyable and allow them to think and learn for themselves. The departnment of education and child development website for victoria defines authenitc tasks as:



They define one aspect of authentic tasks as ‘supports multiple representations and solution strategies’. I think this is essential to the creative process, allowing students to answer the problem in many different ways according to their strengths, interests and interpretation. This approach doesn’t limit students to one set way of completing a project.

I found this short YouTube video about an authentic task set by a chemistry teacher, I think this is a good example of how an authentic task should work.

I have found this weeks work relatively straight forward and haven’t had too much difficulty with it therefore I decided to start looking at some authentic tasks that other teachers have set students. while researching this I stumbled across an excellent website with authentic task rubrics for a plethora of subjects. There are some excellence examples of authentic tasks here in the Authentic Assesment Toolbox.

I was talking to a girl in my tutorial about the social media site we could use for task 2, she was having difficulty deciding how her hobbies would best fit into a social media sight. I suggested that she look into Pinterest and Foodbuzz as she was interested in cooking.



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