Thoughts about Learning with Technology

21st Century Education

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This week I learned about learning in the 21st century. I found this week really applicable and interesting. Using technology in a classroom was very intersting as it made me think about it in a new way. I think that using technology in a classroom could be very useful but  at the same time it would need to be used in an interesting and authentic manner. For example using a power-point presentation rather than writing on the whiteboard would not be as effective as using a video or app to illustrate an idea. However teachers need to be careful not to use techology for the sake of techology if it does not add anything to students learning. I really like the idea of teaching to many different learning styles, not only does this allow all students to participate and excell but I think it would also make learning more diverse and interesting. Rather than only teaching out of a text book which would be mind numbingly boring for anyone, teachers can incorporate physical tasks, creative and problem based tasks. I really enjoyed the idea of shoeless learning, this is something I am excited to try one day. I was looking for more information about sheless learning when I came across a website about different learning environments in the 21st Century, “Learning Environment: 20 Things Educators Need to Know about Learning Spaces”. I found the information very clear and succinct.

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I found this video had an interesting take on learning in the 21st century. It proposes that while technology and informal learning are an important part of learning today we should not abandon formal learning and should use these new techniques only when they enhance the learners experience.

I started task 2 this week which I am really struggling with. I am not involved in any of the social networking sites so this will be something very new for me. I also found it difficult choosing a topic as my hobbies didn’t seem to fit into any of the sites. I spoke to some of the people in my tutorial to find out what they were doing and realised that many of the social sites could be adapted to almost any hobby. I am finding that even though i find it difficult talking to people I don’t really know it can be very helpful.


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